Keyton and Arisia's story

Keyton was born on the 21 May, 2001. He was not recognized as a cardiac patient until a couple years later. Dr. Huhta confirmed his diagnosis as Severe Sub Aortic Stenosis with Aortic Regurgitation. Of great interest is the fact that Keyton is the younger brother of:

Arisia who at age 14 was diagnosed with the same condition as her brother but in a more deteriorated state! They are a part of a family of eleven children.
Both were able to receive corrective surgeries at the same time at Tampa Children Hospital in March of 2005. They are doing well post surgery with Arisia having some residual problems due the advance state of her condition prior to surgery. This should be reparable in the future if necessary.
GOL recipients - Keyton and Arisia
Arisia staying strong in hospital
Belize Gift of Life Recipients - Keyton and Arisia
Keyton and Arisia having a check-up


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