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Why Gift of Life?

  • Tertiary level care in Belize has only over the past five years become available in Belize, and only to a limited extent.  Doctors with young Gift of Life recipientDue to the small population of 280,000 for the entire country, there will always be a need to seek certain specialties outside of this country. Open-heart surgery, especially pediatric open-heart surgery is expected to remain one of these areas for a very long time.
  • Even if it was available in Belize, coming from a largely social medicine background, at least 90% of the population could not afford such a surgery with a minimum wage structure of $1.12 U.S. per hour.

How do We Work?

  • Gift of Life Belize works with its partners to identify patients, doctors, and the facilities that are Gift of Life Clinicwilling to accept these cases at a nominal fee.
  • We facilitate the travel, including passports, visas and airfare. We ensure that our partners have established boarding and lodging for each of our young patients and the accompanying parent or guardian.
  • In-country semi-annual clinics are hosted to accurately diagnose and prioritize patients. This ensures adequate treatment through prescription for even those who will not require corrective procedures and follow-up treatment for each post-surgery patient.
  • Over a hundred patients are seen each year in these clinics. At least fourteen travel abroad within a year to undergo the necessary procedures to correct their life-threatening cardiac conditions.

Who Have We Served? Gift of Life recipient with mother

  • More than one hundred Belizean youths have already traveled abroad to receive surgeries. Hundreds of others have benefited with a better quality of life due to proper diagnoses and medicines prescribed.
  • Besides the Belize City clinics conducted by Dr. James Huhta of Tampa, Florida and Dr. Zahid Amin of Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Amin also travels each February to the south of the country, which is more remote, to ensure that the entire country has the opportunity to take advantage of the program.

  • Gift of Life Belize - Clinic StaffLearn more about congenital heart disease in Belize:
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